Spring 2018

(January 8 - May 3)
Spring Break March 19-23
To register, please call or text our studio at
870-316-2635 or email us at jonesboroartschool@gmail.com
Class cost:
*Total class cost for a one hour class is $235 (this includes a $35 semester supply fee). The supply fee is due at registration, and is non-refundable.  The remaining $200 may be made in four-$50 monthly installments, beginning on the first day of class, and paid during the first week of each month.


Studio A:
5:00-6:00  5th-6th (Tanya)
6:00-7:00   Digital Art 4th-12th(Tanya)

Studio B:
4:00-5:00  K-2nd  (Maya)
5:00-6:00  3rd-4th  (Maya)


Studio A:
4:00-5:00  5th-6th (Tanya)
5:00-6:00 7th-12th Art Overview (Tanya)
6:00-7:00 7th-12th Painting/Design (Tanya)
Studio B:
4:00-5:00  3rd-4th (Maya)


Studio A:
4:00-5:00  3rd-5th (Tanya)




Studio A:
4:00-5:00  5th-6th (Tanya)
5:00-6:00  7th-12th Drawing (Tanya)
6:00-7:00  7th-12th  Portrait Art (Tanya)

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