Supply Policy


Students will be provided a box of supplies for each semester.   All boxes are double checked before they are delivered.  However, parents should take care to check the enclosed supplies to the supply list included.  During the first class of the semester, our teachers will go over the box contents with students. 


It is each parent’s responsibility to keep the supplies available and in good working order.  Supplies provided by our studio should only be used for our projects and should not be used for personal or school projects.  


While some of the supplies are consumable , many of the supplies  will be used for consecutive semesters and should not be discarded.  Below is a list of supplies which may be included in the art box, along with the expected replacement times.  Any items that are damaged or misplaced by the student may be replaced at an additional charge to the parent.


Replaced each semester:  paper; canvas; pencils; plastic table cover


Replaced once each year:   markers; erasers; glue; paint brushes; sharpie marker; acrylic paints(according to projects); pens


Replaced every several years:  tempera cakes; watercolors; colored pencils


Never replaced:  paint palette; pencil sharpener; scissors; ruler


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