Spring 2021 
(January 11-April 23)
Spring Break:  March 22-26

For students requiring long distance learning or a more flexible class offering, Jonesboro School of Art provides online instruction.  These are realtime classes conducted through Google Hangouts.  To maximize personalized instruction, class sizes are limited (size limits are listed below).  

Class Pricing/Payments: 
$200/Semester + $50 Registration Fee
(Registration fee is due at at the time of registration) 
The remaining tuition maybe made in 4-$50 installments, due during the first  week of  class and the first week of each month. 

Payments may be made via PayPal,  Credit/Debit card,  Venmo,  and CashApp.
**These classes will receive (by mail) monthly Art or Writing Boxes containing necessary learning supplies** 

Please call or text the studio at 870-316-2635 to register.  

Traditional Art     (Class limit - 6 students)
4:00-5:00    (K-2nd)        Art Overview    (Mrs. Tanya)
5:00-6:00    (
K-2nd)      Art Overview    (Mrs. Tanya)
6:00-7:00    (3rd-5th)      Art Overview    (Ms. Maya)

4:00-5:00    (3rd-5th)       Art Overview    (Ms. Maya)
5:00-6:00    (6th-12th)     Art Overview     (Mrs. Tanya)
6:00-7:00    (6th-12th)     Painting             (Mrs. Tanya)

7:00-8:00    (6th-12th)      Portrait Art     (Mrs. Tanya)

10:00-11:00  (3rd-5th)      Art Overview    (Ms. Maya)
5:00-6:00    (6th-12th)      Drawing           (Mrs. Tanya)
6:00-7:00    (6th-12th)      Abstract Art    (Ms. Maya)

Digital Art     (Class limit - 6 students)
All classes taught by Mrs. Tanya
6:00-7:00   (5th-12th)     Realism

4:00-5:00   (5th-12th)     Illustration

Creative Writing     (Class limit - 6 students)
All classes taught by Ms. Maya
5:00-6:00    (5th-12th)    Creative Writing 

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