Summer 2019

(June 3 - August 2)
Summer Break:  July 1-5
To register, please call or text our studio at
870-316-2635 or email us at
Class cost:
*Total class cost for a one hour class is $125 (this includes a $25 registration  fee). The registration fee is due at the time of registration. The summer tuition and registration fee are non-refundable. The remaining $100 may be made in two-$50 monthly installments, beginning on the first week of class in June, and the first week of class in July.  Multiple class enrollment receives 10% discount on second class.
If you are going to be out of town for vacation, make up times will be made available for missed classes. 


Studio A:  (Mrs. Tanya)
4:00-5:00  3rd-5th Digital Art 
5:00-6:00  6th-7th  Art Overview 
6:00-7:00  6th-12th Digital Art 

Studio B:  (Miss Maya)
4:00-5:00   K-2nd    Art Overview
6:00-7:00  3rd-5th   Abstract Art 



Studio A:  (Mrs. Tanya)
4:00-5:00  K-2nd    Art Overview 
5:00-6:00  7th-12th Sculpture/Mosaic
6:00-7:00  7th-12th Painting/Design 

Studio B:  (Miss Maya)
4:00-5:00  3rd-5th   Art Overview  


Studio A:  (Mrs. Tanya)
4:00-5:00  3rd-5th   Art Overview 


Studio A:  (Mrs.  Tanya)
4:00-5:00  5th-12th  Illustration*
5:00-6:00  7th-12th  Drawing 
6:00-7:00  7th-12th  Portrait Art 

Studio B:  (Miss Maya)
4:00-5:00  6th-12th Playwriting & Poetry
5:00-6:00 6th-12th Fiction*
6:00-7:00 6th-12th Abstract Art 

*The Illustration and Fiction classes will be taught as one class, with a combined project.  However, these classes may also be taken individually and not as a set.  

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